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Kid-approved recipes

Even picky eaters will love these fun (but healthy) snacks and meals for children.

  • Banana nut muffins These homemade banana walnut muffins hit the spot — and they’re gluten-free and low in sugar.
  • Barbecue tempeh Korean gochujang makes a spicy, savory base for this vegetarian barbecue dish.
  • Chocolate banana coconut smoothie Packed with chocolate, banana and a hint of coconut, this refreshing smoothie is satisfyingly sweet with no added sugar.
  • Chocolate cupcakes Satisfy your sweet tooth with these sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate cupcakes.
  • Chocolate peanut butter fudge Smooth, rich and satisfying, this chocolate peanut butter fudge offers a sweet flavor with low sugar content.
  • Easy pinto beans Don’t be intimidated to try cooking dried beans from scratch. With this recipe, it’s simple, economical and healthy.
  • Low-sugar chocolate chip cookies This chocolate chip cookie recipe reduces sugar while maintaining taste.
  • Monster mouths Get creative with Delta Dental's Monster Mouths recipe. A fun and healthy treat for your smile. Try it today!
  • Mountain trail mix Enjoy a healthy snack with Delta Dental's Mountain Trail Mix recipe. Nourish your smile with nutritious delights. Try it today!
  • Nashville hot tofu Discover a tasty Nashville Hot Tofu recipe for a healthy meal option. Spice up your diet and enjoy flavorful meals today!
  • No-sugar-added minty hot cocoa Indulge in guilt-free cocoa recipes! Discover Delta Dental's delicious and nutritious cocoa-inspired recipes. Explore now and satisfy your sweet cravings!
  • Pizzadilla These “pizzadillas” cut the amount of fat and calories but still provide all the flavor of your favorite pizza.
  • “Caramel” yogurt dip Crunchy apples are a great snack for teeth, but sticky candy coatings and sugary dips can do a number on your oral health.


Expand your cooking repertoire with these smile-friendly recipes for the whole family.

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