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RFP Submission Checklist

Submitting RFPs? Essential items to get a quote when working with custom rated groups (groups with more than 100 members)

General client information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Industry
  • Number of eligible employees by location
  • Contract situs (corporate headquarters)

Broker or consultant information:

  • Name
  • Current and requested commissions

Current benefit information:

  • Current plan designs, benefit booklets (EOC/SPD), schedules
  • Accurate census to include ZIP codes and enrollment mix (employee/dependents, plan types)
  • Current and renewal rates of existing dental plan
  • Dental experience (premium, claims, number of enrollment by month)
  • Contribution scenario/Section 125 dental language
  • Eligibility information: waiting period for new employees and dependent/student age limits
  • Five-year carrier history

Additional items:

Including these will help you get the best rates.

  • Type of contract to quote (can be multiple)
  • Requested rate guarantee
  • Current carrier’s network utilization
  • Current carrier’s methods of out-of-network reimbursement

To see our network capabilities

  • Ask for a network access report
  • Provide a current provider list for disruption analysis

To see our cost management capabilities (re-pricing)

Provide current plan design/benefit structure and detailed claims history for a specific period. Contact your Account Executive for more details.

Once you place business with Delta Dental

  • Review and sign the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement
  • Complete an IRS Form W-9 (for commission processing)
  • Review and sign the broker agreement (required in certain states)

Contact our sales team to request a quote or submit an RFP.

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