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Fun activities for your kids

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, you can use these activities and resources to get your kids excited about their teeth and teach them how to care for their mouths.


Use these games to help your kids learn more about their teeth.

Word search

How many "toothy" words can they find in this word search puzzle?

Word scramble

Can they unscramble these tooth-related words?


Find two or three people to play this game. Ready? Set? BINGO!

Reading time

Share these tooth-related materials with your kids.  

Tooth Fairy letter

Did your child lose a tooth recently? Fill out this letter, print it and slip it under their pillow for a surprise. 

My very loose tooth book

Read this illustrated story about a girl named Kayla Smyle and how she lost her first tooth.

Traditions for lost baby teeth

What do kids in other countries do when they lose their baby teeth? Tell your kids about these fun traditions from around the world.


Take these quizzes with your kids to help them learn more about their teeth and how to keep them strong. 

Cavity quiz

Discover your kids' cavity risk level and how to help them prevent cavities.

Dental quiz

Test your kids' dental health knowledge. 

Digital downloads

Give these downloads to your kids to help them build good dental hygiene habits. 


These fun bookmarks can help kids keep their place while reminding them to care for their teeth.

Coloring and activity book

Find all the coloring pages in one place, plus a few fun tips and games.

Finger puppets

Put on your own show about how animals visit the dentist with these fun finger puppets.

Mirror decals

Stick this decal on a bathroom mirror to remind kids to brush morning and night.

Paper dolls

Rocky the Fox and Daisy the Bunny are getting ready to go to the dentist, but they need your help in picking out what to wear. Cut out these dolls and dress them in your favorite outfit.


Put these colorful stickers on a calendar to mark the days your kids brush and floss.


Wear these cool, colorful tattoos on your next visit to the dentist. You just need a sheet of printable temporary tattoo paper. Or simply grab some magic markers and use these ideas as the starting point for your own creations.



Get cool wallpaper for your computer.

High five
Healthy foods
Cool for school
Book nook


Tips for healthy teeth

Use these tips and techniques to make dental hygiene exciting and fun for kids.

Make dental care fun

Ask the Tooth Fairy to leave special notes for your child. Compliments about good dental hygiene will be appreciated and remembered.

Use an hourglass timer in the bathroom to ensure that your kids brush their teeth for at least two minutes. They'll enjoy watching the sand drift through the hourglass, and they'll be surprised how quickly they finish brushing.

If your children are feeling nervous about visiting the dentist, ask them to draw a picture or write a story about it. Maybe they can draw a picture of a very brave kid with beautiful, healthy teeth. Or if they like writing stories, they can get writing ideas (or come up with some of their own!).

Make a game out of brushing and flossing. Your child's mouth can be a house, a castle or any building with lots of windows. Have your child "wash" each window carefully, moving all around the building, top and bottom and side to side.

Brushing and flossing

Help your kids learn how to brush and floss correctly — and in a way that's enjoyable for them. 

More resources

Teach your kids about what their teeth look like and what each tooth is called.

Grin for Kids
(PDF, 3.3MB)
Share this magazine full of games, puzzles, stories, crafts and fun facts about kids' teeth and dental care.