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Why sell Delta Dental? - Delta Dental for Brokers

Your trusted health partner

At Delta Dental, we care about the whole package. Give your clients something to smile about.

Why dental benefits?

Adding dental benefits can be a game-changer, whether your client is a business or an individual. Some of the reasons for choosing dental benefits include money savings, prevention of and protection from oral health issues, quality care and more. Choosing Delta Dental means you and your client will be supported every step of the way.

A perfect fit

Your clients aren't one-size-fits-all, and neither are our plans. We offer solutions to fit any client's budget and needs.


The Delta Dental Difference®

Brokers who sell Delta Dental can count on our industry-leading network size to reduce out-of-network utilization and provide claims cost savings for enrollees and clients.

Nation's strongest network¹

Your clients can access our industry-leading networks, with four out of five dentists participating².

Dedicated support

Count on our producer services and account management teams for the support you need. Your clients can rely on top-notch customer support.

Discounts with teeth

Clients enjoy true value with the industry's best effective discount, adding up to nearly 28% savings on all claims³.

We have solutions for you

Whatever your client size or budget, Delta Dental is here to help.

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  2. Proportion of total practicing dentists contracted with Delta Dental based on the DDPA Unique Dentists Network Penetration Report, September 2019.
  3. “Effective Discounts” — 2018 Dental PPO Study, Dental Actuarial Analytics LLC (all plans), July 2019