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7 uses for an old toothbrush

After three months of use, it’s time to retire your toothbrush from its oral health duties. Before you toss it in the trash, ask yourself if you can extend the life of your toothbrush. 

Check out these creative ways to repurpose an old toothbrush.

  1. Clean the grout in your kitchen or bathroom. Load up the brush with baking soda or soak the head in bleach and you’ve got a nifty tool for brightening between tiles.
  2. Apply hair dye. A toothbrush is a perfectly sized tool for adding a streak of color or touching up those roots.
  3. Scrub your computer keyboard. Hate the dust and grime coating the sides of your keys? Run a toothbrush between the keys. Lightly scrubbing with a dry brush, tilt the keyboard at an angle so that the dislodged dust falls out, not in. Be sure to turn off your computer or unplug the keyboard first.
  4. Freshen up a hair comb. Combs have “teeth” too, and they accumulate oil and dust over time. Load up a toothbrush with soap (or shampoo) and scrub away the gunk.
  5. Remove crayon. If a little artist decided to decorate your walls recently, grab some non-gel toothpaste and give your walls a scrub. Crayon will come right off!
  6. Shine your soles. Dirt and pebbles can easily wedge their way into the bottoms of your shoes. Not to worry: The head of a toothbrush is the perfect size to brush away the filth and brighten up your favorite sneakers.
  7. Create art. The bristles of a toothbrush can be perfect for splattering speckles of color on a canvas or adding texture to your strokes.

Last updated October 29, 2021

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