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Dental conditions

  • All about dental implants If you lose a tooth, you don't need to have a gap in your grin. Learn how dental implants can help you eat comfortably, feel more confident and offer more comfort than dentures.
  • All about gum disease Gum disease affects almost 80% of people sometime during their life, but you can work to prevent it by flossing and getting regular dental cleanings.
  • Aloe vera can soothe mouth pains Cold sores, fever blisters and canker sores can be painful, but you don't have to suffer while waiting for them to go away. Try aloe vera for natural relief.
  • Can swimming hurt your teeth? Swimming is great for your fitness, but can affect your teeth. Learn how to protect your teeth from chlorine and water sports.
  • Can toothaches kill? When left untreated, toothaches can lead to sepsis. Sepsis claims nearly 270,000 lives each year in the U.S.
  • COVID-19 and oral health The virus COVID-19 affects your overall health. Here’s how it affects your oral health, too.
  • Dental risks for seniors As you age, you're more likely to develop certain oral health issues. Here's how to take charge of the most common dental conditions for seniors.
  • Handling dental emergencies Learn how to take action as soon as an injury occurs so the trauma to the mouth and teeth can be reduced.
  • Kidney disease: understanding oral health challenges Managing oral health isn't always easy, and it becomes even harder with a chronic condition like kidney disease. Here's how you can keep a healthy smile.
  • Prevent tooth enamel erosion You can take steps to prevent erosion of tooth enamel by reducing intake of acidic food and beverages. Detect six signs of tooth enamel erosion.
  • Sensitive teeth: Do hot and cold bother you? If a taste of ice cream or a sip of coffee creates tooth pain, you may have sensitive teeth. But don't worry. This common condition is treatable.
  • Smoking and gum disease Smoking can cause many lung issues, but it can also cause gum disease as well, leading to tooth loss in many cases.
  • The connection between oral and overall health Your dental health is part of your whole-body wellness. Here's a look at how an unhealthy smile can affect your body and vice versa.
  • The truth about adult cavities You might think that cavities are only a problem for sugar-loving kids, but adults can get them as well. Read this article for a quick look at what causes adult cavities and how to prevent them.
  • When disaster strikes, protect your smile Find tips for when you have dental problems and can't reach your usual dentist due to a hurricane or other natural disaster.
  • Your guide to canker sores Do you get canker sores? Learn why they develop and how to treat them.