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4 reasons to get an oral cancer screening

More than 54,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Getting screened for oral cancer — especially if you’re demonstrating symptoms such as white or red patches, lumps or hard spots or sores that won’t heal — can help prevent a deadly outcome from this devastating disease.

Here are four reasons to request an oral cancer screening from your dentist:

Over 20%
of oral cancer cases occur in patients younger than 55.

1. It’s easy.

Just ask your dentist to check for signs of oral cancer during your regular dental exam.

2. It can save your life.

Early detection is key. Oral cancer has an 85% survival rate when caught at an early stage. If you’re experiencing any symptoms, don’t delay in making an appointment.

3. It’s inexpensive.

When an oral cancer exam is incorporated into your regular exam, there’s no extra expense unless follow-up procedures are needed.

4. It will give you peace of mind.

Even if you don’t have oral cancer, isn’t it better to be sure?

Last updated October 29, 2021

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