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Delta Dental dental quiz

Dental quiz

Test your kids' dental health knowledge with this quick quiz.


Question 1:

How many teeth do adults have? 

A. 2

B. 32

C. 28

D. 100

Question 2:

How often should you brush your teeth?

A. twice a day

B. whenever you feel like it

C. all day long

D. while standing on your head

Question 3:

What do kids in Taiwan do when they lose their teeth?

A. have a party

B. wait for the Tooth Fairy

C. wait for the Tooth Rat

D. throw their teeth on the roof

Question 4:

What's a good age to start flossing your teeth yourself?

A. 76

B. 12

C. by age 8

D. any age

Question 5:

What are teeth made of?

A. bones

B. rubber

C. plastic

D. enamel

1) B. 32

2) A. twice a day

3) D. throw their teeth on the roof

4) C. by age 8

5) D. enamel