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3 strategies to step up your game

Whether you shoot hoops or score goals, being mindful of your mouth is important for any athlete.

1. Sport a mouthguard

From skiing to soccer, mouthguards are a must for any active sport. Basketball players are up to five times more likely to sustain injuries to the mouth and face than football players, so it’s especially important to provide mouth protection on the hardwood. Make sure to wear your mouthguard during games and practices!

Basketball players are up to five times more likely to sustain mouth and face injuries than football players.

2. Hydrate mindfully

When choosing beverages, be mindful of the amount of sugar listed on the label. Turn to water to hydrate without risking sugar-causing cavities. When water isn’t enough, consider unsweetened coconut water. It’s a low-sugar, high-electrolyte alternative packed with potassium, which helps maintain healthy muscles.

3. Combat dry mouth

Intensive exercise can leave athletes panting for breath, the perfect recipe for a dry mouth. Without a sufficient flow of saliva, food particles will remain in your mouth, creating a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Keep a water bottle handy to stay hydrated and swish water around your mouth. Be sure to brush after the game or practice, as well.

Staying active is great for the body. Just remember to take care of that game-winning smile while you’re at it!

Last updated November 1, 2021

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