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How the common cold can affect your mouth

Got the sniffles? Here are four ways being sick can impact your oral health.

1. Tooth pain

Feeling stuffy? A sinus infection can leave you feeling achy and uncomfortable. But did you know that this pressure can even hurt your teeth? The largest sinus cavity in your face sits right above your upper jaw, and when it fills with fluid, the pressure can push down on the roots of your teeth, causing a toothache.

2. Bad breath

Postnasal drip is excess mucus that leaks in the back of your mouth. The causes of postnasal drip are colds, allergies or bacterial infections. When this excess mucus occurs, it creates an environment ripe for bacteria to multiply, giving the discharge an odor. Hence, you get bad breath.

3. Sore throat

The common cold is the most popular cause of a sore throat. The symptom usually presents itself alongside other symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, muscle and joint aches and pains, fatigue and runny nose.

4. Dry mouth

Breathing through your mouth can dry out your mouth. That problem can be made worse by antihistamines and decongestants. Saliva plays an important role in fighting tooth decay by washing away plaque-causing bacteria, so stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.

Last updated February 03, 2022

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