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Delta Dental get to know your plan

Get to know your plan

Get started by understanding some basics about your Delta Dental plan.

Understand your plan

Find general information about how to manage your Delta Dental plan here. For more details, log in to your account or visit your plan's welcome page.

Delta Dental PPO™  

Your Delta Dental PPO plan is a fee-for-service plan that gives you the flexibility to visit any dentist while offering the most savings when you stay in the PPO network.

DeltaCare® USA 

Your DeltaCare USA plan is an HMO-type prepaid plan with budget-friendly costs you'll know upfront when you visit a general dentist at your selected primary care facility.

Not sure what network your plan uses? Log in to your online account and select Get to know your plan or Benefits details. You can also visit your plan's welcome page, either Delta Dental PPO or DeltaCare USA.

Learn more about Delta Dental networks.

To review your benefits and coverage details, log in to your online account or check your plan booklet or policy.

The specifics of each dental plan varies, but most follow a benefit period, typically one year, that is not necessarily a calendar year (for example, November 1 to October 31). 

You can also review some important dental and benefits terms in the glossary.

If you or any family members are covered under two different dental plans, notify your dental office. Dual coverage can mean added savings on dental costs (note that benefits are not doubled).

Depending on the plan, Delta Dental may coordinate with your other carrier to share the cost of your treatment. Your primary carrier pays a larger portion of your benefits, and the secondary carrier pays a smaller portion. 

For more information, log in to your account or check your plan booklet or policy.

If you or a family member needs help in a language other than English, language assistance is offered free of charge to members. We provide customer service phone assistance in more than 170 languages, professional interpretation services to help you communicate with your dentist, written materials in non-English languages and more.

Visit our Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) FAQs to check your enrollment status, manage your exchange plan and learn more about how Marketplace plans work. 

As a Delta Dental member, you have access to educational articles, discounts and other resources. Explore the perks.

Delta Dental now offers vision care benefits in partnership with VSP® for our Small Business Program. If you have a DeltaVision plan, you can learn more about your vision care benefits, find a network doctor or contact customer support by creating an account at