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A Message to Delta Dental Providers About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please continue to check this page for updates.

We are actively monitoring information about the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA) and other public health agencies to provide updates through our website and Twitter and Facebook social media channels. Our top priority is to continue to meet the needs of our providers, customers and enrollees and ensure your health and safety.

The unique challenges of the pandemic require updated approaches to the way we all do business. To that end, we’ve identified some steps you can take to better serve your patients, your staff and yourself.

  • Only perform urgent and essential care for the next three weeks, per the American Dental Association’s recommendation. Elective procedures should be postponed. “Instead of defining terms like urgent, essential and elective,” said Dr. Daniel Croley, DMD, Delta Dental’s Vice President of Network Development, “we encourage providers to consider patients’ health, the possibility of a known condition worsening or new conditions arising, and the strain on local health infrastructure when deciding to see a patient.” For regular check-ups and to assess your patients before they come into the office, consider using teledentistry.
  • Take advantage of the electronic and online tools available to you. Submit your claims electronically for faster processing and payment. Even in the event of Delta Dental office closures, electronic claims will continue to be processed.
    • Unpaid claims that have been previously submitted manually should be resubmitted electronically for faster processing and payment. Our system can catch duplicate claims and ensure that they are paid appropriately with no extra effort on your part.
  • Check patient information online or through our automated phone system. Patient information such as treatment history and eligibility and benefits information can be found online through Provider Tools. To help save you time, we encourage you to speak to a Customer Service representative only if you have questions and issues that cannot be resolved through online tools and resources.

These recommendations pertain to Delta Dental of California; Delta Dental of Pennsylvania; Delta Dental of West Virginia, Inc.; Delta Dental of Delaware, Inc.; Delta Dental of the District of Columbia; Delta Dental of New York, Inc.; and Delta Dental Insurance Company.

We strongly recommend reviewing and following the novel coronavirus guidelines issued by the CDC, ADA and your state dental association. In particular, a detailed guide (PDF) for dental providers is available from the ADA. We encourage you to adopt these new policies for your health and safety and that of your staff and patients.

To reduce the risk of exposure and to ensure the safety of our employees, some of our offices have been closed. Employees in closed offices continue to work remotely, and claims submitted electronically will be processed as usual. We encourage you to submit claims electronically to ensure quick processing and payment.