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Meet Devoted Health

Meet our new Medicare Advantage partner, Devoted Health

Delta Dental is partnering with Devoted Health to provide covered supplemental dental services to over 40,000 Devoted Health members. 

About Devoted Health

Devoted Health is an all-in-one healthcare company exclusively offering Medicare Advantage plans. They’re one of the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plans in the country.

How does Delta Dental and Devoted Health’s partnership affect me?

If you're in Delta Dental's Medicare Advantage network, you’ll be able to see Devoted Health members. This partnership represents a great opportunity to grow your patient list.

If you want to see what the Devoted Health experience is like for potential patients, you can take a look at member resources.

Devoted Health dental plan information by state

Devoted Health coverage is available in the following states. Please review the plan overview for your state to learn more about the dental benefits offered.  If you're interested in joining a Medicare Advantage network, please contact a Delta Dental representative for that state at the number shown.

 Alabama (PDF, 225KB)
Delta Dental Insurance Company

 Arizona (PDF, 222KB)
Delta Dental of Arizona

 Colorado (PDF, 228KB)
Delta Dental of Colorado

 Hawaii (PDF, 172KB)
Hawaii Dental Service

 Illinois (PDF, 213KB)
Delta Dental of Illinois

 North Carolina (PDF, 227KB)
Delta Dental of North Carolina

 Ohio (PDF, 254KB)
Delta Dental of Ohio

 Oregon (PDF, 213KB)
Delta Dental of Oregon

 Pennsylvania (PDF, 186KB)
Delta Dental Insurance Company


Devoted Health members may show you their ID cards. Their Delta Dental plan information will be listed on the back.

You can also log in to Provider Tools to easily verify eligibility and benefits and more.

Front of ID card

Front of ID card

Back of ID card

Back of ID card

Please use the member ID listed on the front of the Devoted ID card to confirm eligibility and benefits.

To submit and manage claims online, use Provider Tools. To submit claims by mail, send them to:

Claims Department

Delta Dental Insurance Company
P.O. Box 1809
Alpharetta, GA 30023

For additional help, please call 855-251-9742.

Please refer to your Medicare fee schedule for reimbursement.

What Devoted Health members say

Members share their experiences with complete, coordinated and customized care.