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Register for an NPI number

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires you to obtain an NPI if you submit claims electronically or if you check claims status or access patient eligibility and benefits information online. If you do not, you may be unable to access patient information electronically from Delta Dental or other health care business associates.

Obtaining your national provider identifier (NPI) is simple and once obtained, it stays with you for life. To register for NPI number allocation, simply go to the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System and follow the instructions to complete the application.

When you receive your NPI, please register it with Delta Dental by providing us with a copy of the confirmation containing your NPI that you receive from the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). Send it to your local Delta Dental in one of the following ways:


  • Mail: Delta Dental, Attn: DNAC/ D12, P.O. Box 997330, Sacramento, CA 95899-7330
  • Fax: 916-852-8995
  • E-mail:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Texas and Utah:

  • Mail: Delta Dental, Attn: DNAC, P.O. Box 1809, Alpharetta, GA30023
  • Fax: 770-641-5395
  • E-mail:

Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia:

Once you have registered your  NPI dentist practitioner details with Delta Dental, you will have access to Delta Dental's electronic claims status, eligibility and benefits along with other online information. Even if you have not begun to submit claims electronically, you should begin using your NPI dental provider details on electronic claim status and eligibility and benefits inquiry submissions.

NPI registration FAQs 

Get all your questions answered about why you need to register for an NPI number and discover how the process works. 

What is an NPI number?

NPI stands for National Provider Identifier. An NPI number is a unique, government-issued user ID assigned to individual healthcare providers or healthcare entities transmitting health information electronically. 

Why do dentists have NPI numbers? 

HIPAA mandates NPI usage to ensure secure and standardized electronic data exchange. As dentists are regularly required to access patient information online and submit electronic claims, etc., they must register for NPI status to meet regulatory requirements. Without a valid NPI, insurance claims will most likely be rejected by any health plan.

Do I need an NPI number if I don't bill insurance?

Typically, yes. Any health care provider or supplier that bills Medicare or other health insurances for its services should have an NPI to be HIPPA compliant—even out-of-network providers who do not accept insurance. 

However, a healthcare provider who does not submit claims to any health plan electronically and does not conduct other standard HIPAA electronic transactions does not necessarily need an NPI. That said, most healthcare providers choose to obtain an NPI to simplify their administrative processes and for future use in case their billing practices change. 

What information do I need to apply for NPI number registration?

To register for NPI number allocation, you must provide basic personal and professional information, including your name, business address, tax code, and contact details. 

How long does NPI registration take?

If you use the online register, NPI application through the NPPES website typically only takes around 20-30 minutes, provided you have all the necessary information ready. 

How long does it take to get my dentist NPI number assigned?

Processing times vary based on the volume of applications received by NPPES. However, in general, it usually takes about 10 business days to receive your NPI number.

How many NPI numbers can a provider have?

Each healthcare provider is assigned one NPI number, which remains with them throughout their professional career. 

What information is attached to my NPI number? 

This type of ID is specifically designed to be intelligence-free. When dentists register for NPI numbers, no personal or professional details are embedded regarding your organization, practice address, medical specialty, etc. 



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