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Electronic documents terms and conditions

You or your plan manager may choose to receive Policy or plan related documents electronically.

Delivery methods

If you have selected to receive electronic communications, they will be provided either (1) by accessing the Delta Dental website with your username and password, or (2), via email. Documents sent to you through one of these methods will be considered delivered and received, unless there is an indication that the email address provided is invalid. All written documents delivered to you electronically will be considered “in writing.” You should print or download for your records a copy of all electronic communications, this disclosure and any other document that is important to you.

Types of electronic communications

Documents available electronically include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy, Evidence of Coverage (EOC) or Certificate of Coverage (COC)
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB, Member Claim Statement)
  • Billing Statements/Invoices
  • General Member Notices

General correspondence

The specific documents depend on your plan or Policy type.

How to withdraw consent

You may withdraw your consent to transact business electronically, without any charge, by updating your delivery preferences on our website or contacting our Customer Service Center. We may treat your provision of an invalid email address or the subsequent malfunction of a previously valid address as a withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic communications. A withdrawal of your consent to transact business electronically will be effective only after we have had a reasonable period of time to process your request.

Requesting paper copies

You can obtain a paper copy of any electronic document by printing it yourself or by requesting that we mail you a paper copy. To request a paper copy, contact our Customer Service Center. There is no charge associated with requesting a paper copy of a communication we sent to you electronically.

User technology requirements

In order to access, view, sign and retain electronic documents that we make available to you, you must:

  • Have an internet connection, email account and web browser
  • Have digital storage media or services if you want to save copies of the documents
  • Have an Adobe PDF reader to view, download or print documents. Many modern web browsers offer native support. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if your browser does not support PDF.

We will update you if there are any changes to the hardware or software requirements that could impact your ability to receive or sign electronic documents.


For questions about these notices, please call us at 866-530-9675.

You may also write to us at

Delta Dental of California
P.O. Box 997330
Sacramento, CA 95899-7330