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HealthLeaders: Sarah Chavarria’s first day as Delta Dental CEO

HealthLeaders caught up with Sarah Chavarria on her first day as CEO of Delta Dental. This is what she had to say.

"As I step into my role as CEO of Delta Dental, I'm energized about the bright future ahead. We are a purpose-driven organization focused on bringing together oral health with total well-being. The next several years are going to bring opportunities that will enable us to deliver on our purpose to provide access to quality care for our 45 million members. Together, we will ensure our customers, providers and employees remain at the forefront of our business to improve health outcomes."

When Chavarria says together, she means it. As a former chief people officer—her first role at Delta Dental six years ago—she has facilitated collaboration and built organizational designs as a part of the company's transformation: "I can stand in a room and bring all the right conversations to bear to shape the right vision, the right roadmap, and my connection to employees."

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