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Forbes: 84% of women 50 and older unaware of menopause-oral health connection


Forbes - If you’re a woman over 50, there’s a decent chance you put more effort into how you look than into your oral health—but also that you’ll regret it. These are just some of the findings from a survey of more than 1,000 women aged 50 and older released this month by Delta Dental.

In   Delta Dental’s 2023 Senior Oral Health and Menopause Report: Breaking the Stigma, 35% of women surveyed said their skincare, hair, or makeup routine is more extensive than their oral health routine. This prioritization may reflect another key finding from the survey: utter lack of awareness that menopause can affect oral health.

Despite growing public focus on menopause, many women don’t realize the full extent of menopause symptoms—which can range from hot flashes and weight gain to incontinence, thinning hair, dry skin, and disrupted sleep. Many women don’t seek treatment for their symptoms—if they even recognize them as symptoms of menopause in the first place.

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