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Dr. Bicuspid: 84% of women 50 and older are unaware of menopause link to oral health

Dr. Bicuspid - Eighty-four percent of women age 50 and older are not aware of the connection between menopause and oral health, according to a study conducted by Delta Dental.

In addition, the company's  “2023 Senior Oral Health and Menopause Report: Breaking the Stigma" showed that women aren't aware that their dental health providers could help them with symptoms related to menopause and recommend treatments, Delta Dental noted. 

"With menopause a long-stigmatized topic and symptoms going largely unaddressed or even ignored, these findings are stark but unsurprising," Delta Dental CEO Sarah Chavarria said in a company statement. "Being more open will help make treatment plans more accessible for all people who experience menopause."

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