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Forbes: Stepping up: How HR professionals can take the lead in the ever-evolving business landscape

By: Sarah Chavarria, President at Delta Dental of California and Affiliates 

Forbes – Gone are the days when HR was working to secure a “seat at the table.” Today, the perception of HR has evolved as more organizations are recognizing the strategic role it plays in shaping organizational priorities, driving a company’s success and delivering to the bottom line.

The Recent Reinvention Of HR

Throughout the last few years, professionals in human resources and people-oriented roles have had incredible opportunities to lead in the face of continuous change. When the pandemic hit, HR leaders had to lead their companies through a swift transition, creating a productive, virtual workforce nearly overnight. And now, we are proactively strategizing the most effective approach to mobilize employees and companies for the new era of work.

It’s a trend that hits close to home for me; after being invited to join Delta Dental five years ago as its chief people officer, I became the company’s first female president in 2022. Read Sarah Chavarria's full article in Forbes.