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Join our World Oral Health Day sweepstakes

Wait, toothpaste can attract bears? World Oral Health Day is on March 20th and we’re giving away a sweet giveaway to welcome Spring with outdoor oral health tips.

On the 20th of March every year, the world unites to help reduce the burden of oral diseases, which affect individuals, health systems and economies everywhere.­­­

Why is World Oral Health Day important?

Oral diseases are a major health concern for many countries and negatively impacts people throughout their lives. Oral diseases lead to pain and discomfort, social isolation, and loss of self-confidence, and they are often linked to other serious health issues. And yet, there is no reason to suffer: most oral health conditions are largely preventable and can be treated in their early stages.

We partnered with Conley Harris (@Harris_Hikers) to share oral health tips while outdoors. You will learn why toothpaste while camping can attack bears and what snacks are dentist approved while being outdoors. Hint trail-mix is not one of them. One (1) winner will receive a Garmin Forerunner watch and a Patagonia backpack filled with oral health care supplies and Delta Dental swag.


During the Sweepstakes Period (March 2, 2022 - March 20, 2022) you must:

  • Follow Sponsor’s @DeltaDentalIns on Instagram.
  • Tag two (2) friends to Conley Harris (@Harris_Hikers) and Delta Dental partnership post.

Your Instagram account must be set to “public” (not limited to “friends”) so it can be viewable by anyone, including Sponsor.

For the complete sweepstakes rules,  download and read the PDF.