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 Insider Update - Tips to help make selling simple

Insider Update

Tips to help make selling simple

The top 4 stories for brokers in 2022

2023 is almost here, and it’s time to take a well-earned break for the holidays. But before you do, did you catch these hit stories from the past year? From helping your clients make the most of their plans to selling success, here are the top four Insider Update stories of 2022 based on readership.

4. Leased network letdowns

One of the unique advantages of being a Delta Dental member is having access to the nation’s largest dentist network. To ensure that members get the quality care they deserve, we contract directly with dentists and never lease our networks. Here’s how this makes a difference for your clients.

3. The difference with dual networks

Understanding the difference between the Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier® networks is important for your clients. This article is a great resource for helping clients understand the difference between Delta Dental’s networks and how to save the most money when getting care.

2. The downsides of high out-of-network reimbursement levels

Clients and their employees love flexibility, but sometimes that flexibility comes at an unexpected price. Take a look at how high out-of-network reimbursement levels drive up costs for businesses — and what can be done to encourage in-network utilization.

1. Small Business Program updates for 2023

If you sell to small businesses (two to 99 employees), it pays to stay on top of our offerings. From the changes coming in 2023 to where you can find resources to help you sell, learn how to achieve sales success — and how to sign up, if you haven’t already!

Thanks for working with Delta Dental in 2022. We’re proud to be your partner in selling and retaining business. Happy holidays, and here’s to a 2023 filled with happiness and success!