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5 reasons why dental insurance matters now more than ever

A strong benefits package is more important than ever for attracting and retaining great employees. About 37% of employees would rather receive more substantial benefits than additional salaries or bonuses and 68% of eligible employees enroll in dental benefits when offered by their employers.

Here are five reasons employers and employees value Delta Dental plans:

1. Oral health is a crucial part of overall health.

We tend to think of oral health and our overall health as two distinct things since we go to two different places, the dental office and the medical office, to get care. But oral health is far more connected to your team’s overall health than you may think.

For instance, gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the major cause of adult tooth loss, and it affects nearly half of people over 30, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the effects of gum disease extend well beyond the mouth. Gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions, including heart disease, heart attack and stroke, dementia, glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and premature birth and low birth weight.

Early treatment of gum disease can effectively lower health costs in the long term. The devastating effects of the condition in its developed stages are largely preventable when employees stay informed and take action.

2. Preventive care is available to members at little to no cost.

Dental care makes financial sense. Delta Dental plans make visiting a dentist more affordable, which encourages regular dental visits.

Great preventive care is the key to great oral and overall health. One in four adults in the U.S. still has untreated cavities, and nearly half show signs of gum disease, based on estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These problems take their toll. Americans lose 92 million hours of work annually because of unplanned dental visits. But this doesn’t have to happen to your employees. A strong dental plan encourages your employees to keep their teeth and gums healthy. With Delta Dental plans, preventive care, like regular cleanings and exams, is typically covered at little to no cost, helping your crew to stay healthy and protected.

3. You can offer customized and flexible options.

When it comes to Delta Dental, you receive more than just exceptional dental benefits — you also get great value. But not all groups value the same thing. That’s why Delta Dental gives you the power to decide what’s most important in a benefits package.

Delta Dental PPO™
This preferred provider plan offers members the convenience and flexibility of visiting any licensed dentist, anywhere. Your team gets the most plan value by choosing a Delta Dental PPO dentist. Dentists in the PPO network can't bill members for amounts over members' share of the coinsurance plus the plan's payment, and PPO network dentists complete all claim forms for them.

Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier are two dentist networks accessible by members with Delta Dental PPO plans. The Delta Dental Premier network offers the same ease and quality as the Delta Dental PPO network but with fewer out-of-pocket savings. Together, Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier make up the largest network of dentists in the nation, according to Zelis Network360.

DeltaCare® USA
Under this simple and comprehensive HMO-type plan that covers over 350+ procedures, members have their choice of skilled primary care dentists from the DeltaCare USA network. They simply select a primary dentist, who will then coordinate any needed referrals to a specialist. Covered services provided by a DeltaCare USA dentist have preset copayments (dollar amounts), which are listed in a plan booklet. There are no waiting periods, maximums or deductibles. DeltaCare USA is not availabale in all states. Talk to your account manager about offering DeltaCare USA.

Dual choice
With dual choice, DeltaCare USA is matched a PPO plan, allowing members the flexibility to select the Delta Dental plan that best suits their needs. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to offer their members the chance to pick the plan that’s right for them.

4. Delta Dental plans are easy to manage.

All Delta Dental members have access to an online account, where they can easily check plan details, browse claim history, download plan documents, find an in-network dentist and view or print an ID card.

Members need to find a network dentist nearby? Our Find a dentist tool delivers. Members can search by distance, specialty, language spoken, office hours, wheelchair accessibility and more from any device, any time.

5. Delta Dental plans come with great perks and extras.

The benefits of a Delta Dental plan extend beyond just staying covered for oral health care needs with our member perks:

  • Every Delta Dental member has access to discounts on hearing aids from Amplifon and LASIK vision services from QualSight.
  • Our BrushSmart™ oral wellness program for members gives them instant access to discounts on products from quip, Oral-B and Philips Sonicare.
  • With Delta Dental’s virtual dentistry offerings, members can access care without leaving their homes.
  • Delta Dental’s LifePerks program gives all our members unlimited access to discounts on oral care, fitness, groceries and meal delivery, as well as travel, entertainment, pet insurance, child care and more.
  • Talk to your account manager about additional programs like SmileWay® Wellness Benefits, which offers expanded dental coverage for people with certain medical conditions.


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