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The most frequently asked questions about dental coverage

When it comes to dental insurance, certain questions are bound to come up again and again. Here are the answers you and your employees need as the busy open enrollment season gears up:

Do members need an ID card?

Delta Dental members don’t need an ID card to receive care. They can simply tell their dental office they’re covered by Delta Dental and give their name, date of birth and Social Security number or Member ID number. That’s it.

Employees still wanting cards? No problem. They can log in to their account at and click Get ID card to view or print their ID card any time.

How do members find a dentist?

When your employees need a top-quality in-network dentist, Delta Dental’s Find a dentist tool delivers. Members can search by location on a map or even filter by language preference or care specialty. They can even access dentist ratings and reviews to help find the perfect fit.

How can members tell if their current dentist is in-network or not?

Members can log in to their online account and use the Find a dentist tool to enter their dentist's name. They can also search in the dentist directory on our website. If a dentist is in-network, they'll be listed in the search results.

Why should members stay in-network when picking a new dentist?

Delta Dental dentists agree to charge discounted rates for their services. Members are only responsible for their portion of the bill: the dentist files the claim, and Delta Dental sends payment directly to the dentist. There’s no pre-payment for the member, no balance billing and no unbundling. What’s more: all Delta Dental dentists go through a rigorous credentialing process, so members can expect quality care.

If my employee has a question, where should I direct them?

For questions, they can contact us.

How do my employees file a claim?

When members visit a dentist in the Delta Dental network, they don’t need to worry about filing a claim. The dentist does that for them. After an appointment, they can find all the details about their visit online by logging into their account and clicking Claims and visits. They can view detailed explanations of the care they received and find out how much they owe.

Members of DeltaCare® USA plans do not need to submit claims at any time. With these easy plans, members just pay their copayments.

How do I promote Delta Dental benefits to my employees?

Delta Dental has a wealth of great materials you can use to promote Delta Dental benefits to your employees during open enrollment and beyond. Visit the benefit administrator resource page or talk with your account manager to learn more.

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