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Insider Update

Tips to help make selling simple

Teledentistry helps members get the most out of dental coverage

Employees may find it hard to get away from work to meet health care appointments like trips to the dentist. So the ability to receive a remote dental evaluation is a valuable benefit for your clients’ employees, who might otherwise not use their diagnostic benefits.

What is teledentistry?

Teledentistry, also known as virtual dentistry, is when a dentist performs a consultation via phone, text or video to diagnose dental issues, offer care advice and determine appropriate treatment, which may include a prescription or in-person follow-up visit.

Teledentistry appointments can consist of a video visit, in which the dentist and patient are interacting with each other in real-time. It can also be a photo of the patient’s issue that is sent to the dentist, who sends a reply later.

What teledentistry resources does Delta Dental offer?

We’ve partnered with quip to offer both video and photo teledentistry services. Your clients’ employees can book an appointment online for real-time video appointments. It’s totally secure and HIPAA-compliant, and it’s easy for members to connect with a dentist in real time to get virtual consultations, e‑prescriptions and check-ins.

Members can also submit photos of their issue to a Delta Dental dentist, who will assess the issue and send a comprehensive diagnostic report with the results, treatment options and cost estimates. 

Do members need special equipment for teledentistry appointments?

Beyond an internet-connected computer or mobile device with a camera, no special equipment is required for teledentistry appointments.

Why would my clients want to use teledentistry if they can visit the dentist in person?

Teledentistry appointments can be a convenient way for your clients’ employees to fit dental care into otherwise busy schedules. Instead of having to take time off work for traveling to and from the dental office, they can simply schedule a teledentistry appointment at their convenience. 

They can also use teledentistry appointments when they’re feeling ill or don’t wish to travel to the dentist’s office, when issues arise while they’re out of town away from their usual dentist, or when they want an expert opinion outside of regular office hours.

Is teledentistry covered by all Delta Dental plans?

Generally, yes. For Delta Dental PPO™ plans that cover diagnostic and preventive (D&P) services at 100%, teledentistry appointments are unlimited. For plans that cover these appointments at less than 100%, quip will calculate and collect co-insurance for members or allow them to pay an out-of-pocket fee.

For DHMO plans or plans that include a copayment (including DeltaCare USA), teledentistry is available for an out-of-pocket fee.

Where can I get more information about teledentistry services for my clients?

To promote these resources, you can direct clients to our website, where their employees can learn more about virtual dentistry.