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FYI - Partnering with you to create healthy smiles


Partnering with you to help create healthy smiles

Support the oral health of your retiring patients

When it comes to maintaining their oral health, your senior patients face unique challenges.

One issue is dental coverage. As your patients retire, many of them lose the dental coverage their jobs provided. Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people 65 or older, offers only limited dental benefits, and nearly half the seniors who receive Medicare have no dental coverage. If you have patients who are retiring and concerned about losing their coverage, we offer a great option: Smile On.


Your retiring patients don’t have to give up their dental coverage

Our Smile On program offers individual dental plans for retirees, including Delta Dental PPO™ and DeltaCare® USA plans. These plans include the services seniors need most, including preventive care like routine cleanings and exams at no out-of-pocket cost.

Our PPO plan offers two options: Premium and Basic.

  • Our Premium option offers low out-of-pocket costs and coverage for procedures that many seniors need, such as crowns, dentures, denture repair and implants.
  • The Basic plan offers diagnostic, preventive and basic services at a lower monthly cost than the Premium option.

DeltaCare USA is our fixed copayment plan and offers low-cost preventive dental care and coverage for a broad range of services, including crowns, dentures and implants, at a more affordable price than either of our PPO plans. DeltaCare USA is not available in all states.

Your patients can get a quote online. We also have  a flyer that you can print and offer to your retiring patients to help make their transition to individual coverage a breeze.

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