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 Insider Update - Tips to help make selling simple

Insider Update

Tips to help make selling simple

New age limit for pediatric dental care under DeltaCare® USA

Good news for kids under DeltaCare® USA plans: Delta Dental has increased the age limit for pediatric dental coverage through the age of 13 (up from 7). That means more kids can keep seeing the dentist they are most comfortable with for a longer period of time.

Children through the age of 13 are now covered for pediatric dental visits under all DeltaCare USA plans. This change allows groups to offer more competitive benefits to their members, which can increase employee satisfaction. And it allows you to pitch even stronger plans that show Delta Dental's commitment to excellence. 

Why increase the age limit?

It’s important for children to get dental care early in life, and that care must continue during the development of their baby teeth and permanent teeth. Most kids lose their last baby tooth around the age of 12, so having a continuity of care throughout a child’s development can make them feel comfortable at the dentist while maintaining that important relationship with a single provider.

The basics of pediatric dental coverage

DeltaCare USA offers affordable coverage for a child’s visits to the dentist. Benefits include:

  • Oral evaluations at no cost for patients under the age of 3
  • Comprehensive orthodontic coverage, including clear aligners
  • Tooth-colored fillings on front and back teeth if the child develops a cavity

There are no waiting periods, no claims to file and no deductibles. Parents know ahead of time what their copayment will be for a covered service. 

What the change means

This change in DeltaCare USA’s pediatric age requirement is a win for everyone. Let’s look at the advantages to you and your clients.

Benefits for brokers

You act as an advocate for your client's employees, making sure they can help parents get access to the proper coverage for their children by integrating dental care into the fabric of family health. With this change, you can make it easy for employees’ children to continue to see pediatric specialists throughout their formative years. You'll also find it easier to:

  • Reinforce DeltaCare's commitment to pediatric care, increasing the likelihood of successful plan sales.
  • Align your recommendations with evolving family needs, fostering trust and loyalty in the process.

Benefits for clients

The increase in the age limit for pediatric dental coverage can be a powerful tool in setting a business apart as an employer of choice. Here's why:

  • Organizations that actively promote the well-being of employees and their dependents find it easier to attract and retain top talent — particularly among candidates seeking a supportive and family-friendly work environment.
  • Achieving improved health and well-being both at home and work enhances employee satisfaction and engagement, contributing to a more positive organizational culture.
  • Absenteeism may decline because providing improved preventive care for kids through age 13 means parents may need less time off to tend to dental care needs.

Connect your clients to better pediatric coverage

Are you ready to start pitching plans that exceed industry standards and improve the level of care available to families? By offering Delta Dental plans that promote continuous pediatric dental coverage through the age of 13, you can deliver exceptional dental care options to your clients and their employees. Plus, you’ll enjoy promoting a competitive dental plan that’s easier to sell, and Delta Dental will give you access to a range of tools to help you grow and manage your business.

Contact our team today to learn more and discover the power of a partnership with Delta Dental.