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Insider Update

Tips to help make selling simple

Healthcare Spending Card — a new way to pay for health care

January is Financial Wellness Month. It’s often a great time to reset and reprioritize. As an organization dedicated to advancing oral health for all, Delta Dental recognizes that your financial wellness is a critical component of your overall well-being.

Employers can offer their team members access to the Healthcare Spending Card¹ right away. They can promote the connection between financial well-being and overall health and ensure their employees aren’t delaying the dental or other health care services they need.

Your clients can make benefits packages more appealing by including the Healthcare Spending Card¹ as part of their offerings. Implementation is easy and can be rolled out at any time throughout the year.

What’s the Healthcare Spending Card¹?

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ can be a more convenient and accessible way for employees to pay for the qualified dental and other health care services they need:

  • It gives your clients’ employees access to a line of credit¹ for qualified dental and other health care expenses upon approval and activation.³ No credit checks are required.
  • It allows employees to split qualified dental bills into smaller repayments over 12 months with no fees
  • It lets employees cover qualified non-dental health care expenses with convenient repayment options over time.
  • It enables employees to link their health savings account⁴ (HSA) and use available pre-tax funds to pay their minimum due.

Dental care is health care

It's widely recognized that there's a vital connection between oral health and overall health. Despite the existence of dental insurance, many people still don’t get treatment and prevention due to financial concerns. The Healthcare Spending Card¹ can help break down financial barriers to care. We’ve worked with Lane Health to offer our enrollees a unique set of financing features. These include:

  • No fees over the 12-month repayment period on each qualified dental expense financed
  • 34% lower periodic finance fees than Lane Health’s standard fees for employees’ other non-HSA-eligible health care expenses
  • No promotional features. They apply as long as the employee is covered through a group Delta Dental policy.

Get started today!

Don’t let your clients’ employees delay care any longer. Employers can quickly roll out the Healthcare Spending Card¹ with no contract, ongoing file sharing or integration (and no credit risk). Connect with our partner Lane Health at or 620-337-2537.

¹ The Healthcare Spending Card and the line of credit are issued by WebBank. Card must be activated before funds can be accessed.

² Each transaction is repaid on a 12-month term (with a minimum $3 due each payment period). Transactions other than dental expenses (based on merchant category code) will be charged an origination fee of 5% and periodic finance fees. New Advances, if eligible, can be repaid in full or over 4 installments with no origination or periodic finance fees. Late fees apply.

³ If your employee can't connect their payroll provider via Argyle, or if they don't give us sufficient information, they are not eligible to apply.

⁴ HSAs that are linked during application must be owned and in the name of the applicant and issued by the applicant's employer.

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ is issued by WebBank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc.