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 Insider Update - Tips to help make selling simple

Insider Update

Tips to help make selling simple

Making the move to Delta Dental: how onboarding works

When you’re helping your group clients select a dental benefits provider, there may be some hesitance to switch carriers. The different systems, migrating all the data, determining the benefits — it’s a lot of work. 

That’s why onboarding is so crucial. And Delta Dental has made sure that setting up a new client is as seamless an experience as possible.

When your client joins Delta Dental, an onboarding project manager and a team of experts oversee every aspect of the transition. They capture all the requirements and tasks needed to complete the move and get the system operating, including eligibility and billing and open enrollment.

“We listen to our clients’ needs,” said Account Executive Nora Colorado. “We know what questions to ask so we can design a benefits program that precisely meets their needs.”

The customer onboarding team is experienced in working with many different benefit enrollment systems. In transferring member data to our system, the onboarding team does a complete system validation once the group is set up. Onboarding staff work with the client, receiving numerous test files for review so that when it’s time to flip the switch, the member enrollment transitions flawlessly.

The onboarding project manager gives every client and stakeholder access to a dashboard that provides real-time insight into the timeline, tasks and updates to the onboarding process. Communication is essential in ensuring the success of every customer onboarding.

The process not only works, but it has earned rave reviews from clients who have joined Delta Dental. Last year, 98% of clients surveyed rated the onboard team and process as very good or excellent.

“We’ve done this many times and are comfortable with moving any client,” Colorado said. “Employees are pleased with the benefits they receive, but the move is so smooth they never notice any disruption in services.”