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Standard Plan

Quality coverage at a low premium to help maintain oral health. It covers the same procedures as the High Plan, just at lower percentages.

The Standard Plan offers no deductible and 100% of the costs are covered for basic services like exams and cleanings in-network.

High Plan

Greater coverage on all dental services with a premium that covers adult orthodontics, unlimited in-network annual maximum and a $3,500 orthodontic lifetime maximum per child and $2,000 lifetime maximum for adults.

The High Plan offers no deductible and 100% of the costs are covered for basic services like exams and cleanings in-network.

Support for you

Resources are available for you to help educate your employees. For materials for your Open Season or new hire events, please contact your regional marketing representative. View and share a short video about what the Federal Employees Dental program has to offer.

Find specific program information in the  Plan Brochure. This includes coverage, cost shares, deductibles and additional information in full detail.

Our regional marketing representatives are located across the country and are available by phone and email, and are ready to support you at your next Open Season event. Simply send the event information via email to the marketing representative in your region, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Support your enrolled employees

Save money with a Delta Dental PPO network dentist

Informing employees about Delta Dental’s network and assisting them in finding a network dentist can help them reduce their dental expenses. There are different networks for other Delta Dental plans, so be sure to check the Dentist Directory to confirm a dentist is in Delta Dental’s Federal Employees Dental Program network.

Enrollment cards are not required, but can be easily printed from the Member Portal

Only the subscriber’s Social Security number or alternate identification number are required for the dental office to verify eligibility and benefits. Employees who would like an enrollment card can print one from our Member Portal.

Dentists contracted with Delta Dental handle all claims and paperwork for enrollees

If your employees have visited a non-Delta Dental dentist for treatment or received dental care overseas, the enrollee may need to file a   Claim Form. (PDF, 644 KB)

When dental procedures under Delta Dental’s Federal Employee Dental Program are coordinated with the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Plan, the FEHB plan must always be primary.

Many federal employees and annuitants have some dental benefit coverage available under the FEHB plan. Federal law requires that benefits for all dental procedures under Delta Dental’s Federal Employee Dental Program be coordinated with the FEHB Plan and the FEHB Plan will be the first/primary payor of any benefit payments. Delta Dental’s Federal Employee Dental Program is secondary to the FEHB Plan. Direct your employees to the Coordinating Benefits with Other Coverage section of the Federal Employees Dental Program FAQs for more details about filing claims and overseas treatment.

Learn about oral health and wellness

Visit Delta Dental’s Smileway Wellness Site to review your dental habits, get educated and stay informed about oral health related topic.