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FYI - Partnering with you to create healthy smiles


Partnering with you to help create healthy smiles

Celebrate your hygienists this National Dental Hygienist Week

Don’t let National Dental Hygienist Week pass by without letting your hygienists know you appreciate them. Hygienists’ hard work helps keep your practice profitable and your patients healthy. Here are five tips for celebrating hygienists and having fun with the whole office this week.

1. Write some personal thank you notes
A handwritten note or card seems like a simple gesture, but it’s often a very meaningful one. In a world where it’s easy to send emails and order delivery, taking the time to write a heartfelt message of appreciation can stand out. It’s also easy to pair with other means of recognition.

2. Throw a party for your practice
It’s never a bad time to throw a party for your employees, but National Dental Hygienist Week (and the whole month of April) is an especially great time for it. If you’re able, end the work day a little early or take a long lunch, and treat your whole staff.

3. Spend time together as a team
If your staff isn’t big on partying, what about a team-building activity outside of the office? Depending on your staff’s activity level and personal preferences, this could be as short and simple as a meal at a restaurant or a trip to the movies or as involved as an off-site retreat.

4. Celebrate hard work and happy reviews
If your patients are happy with hygienists, make sure they hear about it. Taking time each week to share positive feedback and reviews lets hygienists and staff know that the work they’re doing is appreciated.

5. Say thank you with extra financial incentives
When it comes to surprising workers and letting know they’re appreciated, cash and gift cards are classics for a reason. If you know your hygienists well, you can provide gift cards for a favorite restaurant or store.

At the heart of National Dental Hygienist Week is the recognition of the hardworking individuals who help keep patients healthy and smiling. This time of appreciation reminds us not only of the significance of oral health, but also of the human touch that makes excellent dental care possible.

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