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FYI - Partnering with you to create healthy smiles


Partnering with you to help create healthy smiles

Make the most of Provider Tools and simplify running your practice

Sometimes the business of running a practice can seem like a distraction from your patients. But even if you love running a business, it’s never a bad idea to look for ways to make the day-to-day operation of your practice simpler and more efficient. That’s why we developed our free online office management suite, Provider Tools. With Provider Tools, you can focus on what really matters: providing great care that improves your patients’ lives.

Here’s a look at some of the newest perks that Provider Tools can bring to you.

  • Questions answered quickly with the Reference Library. Provider Tools features intuitive online resources that are easy to navigate and easy to understand.
  • Instant claim status updates in My Documents. When you want to know when a claim’s been received, processed and paid (or if there are any issues), you can tell at a glance.

Provider Tools also offers great features like:

  • Quicker automatic payments. With Provider Tools, you can register for direct deposit and get paid quickly and effortlessly for the care you provide.
  • Help with claims when you need it. Claim adjustments and escalations can be submitted and tracked through Provider Tools. You won’t have to withstand a lengthy wait for letters when you have problems getting paid.
  • And more!

Best of all, Provider Tools is free. Don’t wait to start simplifying the business of running your practice. Register for Provider Tools today and unlock everything it has to offer.

Want to become a Provider Tools master? You can attend an in-depth webinar where we’ll break down all of its features for you. Or if you’re looking to get lessons in person, check out a “Partnering for Success” seminar near you!

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