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FYI - Partnering with you to create healthy smiles


Partnering with you to help create healthy smiles

Let us know when there are changes at your practice

Running a practice can be hectic, and it’s easy for details to slip through the crack. However, it’s essential to let us know about changes like a retirement, a practice name change or new dentists on staff.

What changes does Delta Dental need to know about?

Per the terms of your contract, please make sure to notify Delta Dental of any changes to the following information, ideally 30 days prior to the change if possible:

  • New practice name
  • New office location or primary phone number
  • Change of address
  • Tax ID changes (your W-9 is required for us to process any tax ID changes)
  • Sale or closure of practice
  • Dentists joining or leaving a practice location (contact us to request an application for network participation)

How do I let Delta Dental know about these changes?

Forms for reporting these changes are available at our website. Once you’ve submitted the necessary forms, we may contact you to verify the information before we update our records.

What else do I need to know?

Once you’ve submitted an administrative form, you generally don’t have to take any extra steps. However, there are a few things to know about the process.

  • It takes about four weeks processing time from the date we receive your form for the changes to be reflected in our system. You’ll receive confirmation of the effective date from the Provider File Maintenance department.
  • Until our systems are updated, claims will continue to be processed with the information on record.
  • The processing time for dentists in Maryland is no more than 15 working days after we receive your administrative form.

Thank you for helping us keep our records up to date! We’re proud to be your partners in ensuring that your patients get great care and that you get paid quickly and effortlessly for the work you do.

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