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FYI - Partnering with you to create healthy smiles


Partnering with you to help create healthy smiles

Let direct deposit work for you

Getting paid is a breeze when you take advantage of direct deposit from Delta Dental. You’ll get fast payments, safe document storage and more.

How does direct deposit work?

Getting paid electronically is simple. Once you enroll, Delta Dental electronically deposits claim payments into your bank account. Whenever a new payment has been deposited, you’ll receive an email notice from Delta Dental. We’ll also electronically send your claim payment details to your account.

Why use direct deposit?

Direct deposit is:

  • Easy. Simply enroll online to get started.
  • Fast. Payments are deposited more quickly into your bank account than with mailed checks, making funds available sooner.
  • Eco-friendly. Direct deposits cut down on the need for mailed checks and other paperwork, as well as reducing the need for bank visits.
  • Convenient. Your electronic remittance advice and pre-treatment estimates are viewable online, and they’re printable whenever you choose, reducing clutter.
  • Safe. With direct deposit, information about your claims and payments is safely stored and viewable for you online. Avoid the headache and hassle of lost, delayed or stolen paper checks.

How do I enroll?

Log in to Provider Tools and select EFT and ERA. (Electronic funds transfer (EFT) transmits funds for claims payments directly into your bank account. Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an electronic version of the explanation of benefits (EOB) for claims payments.)

To fill out the online form for direct deposit, you will need to provide:

  • Your contact information, including your name, address, email address, contact name and phone number.
  • Your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Note: If you have more than one practice location under a TIN, you’ll need to enroll separately for each location.
  • Your National Provider Identifier (NPI). Under federal HIPAA provisions, direct deposit is a transaction that requires an NPI.
  • Your bank/financial institution information, including your routing number and the account type and number (make sure your bank is a member of the Automated Clearinghouse Association – ACH).
  • Bank information confirmation, such as a copy of a voided check or a bank letter that verifies the bank routing number and account number.

Allow 15 business days for your request to be processed. You can make changes to your account information at any time, or even cancel your EFT enrollment, by using the EFT and ERA tool in Provider Tools.

Can I enroll in direct deposit with all Delta Dental companies at once?

Yes. As you fill out the direct deposit enrollment form, you’ll see a section titled Delta Dental Member Company Data Sharing Authorization for EFT. To enroll for direct deposit with all Delta Dental companies at once, simply select Opt in to National Sharing.

How often will I receive electronic payments?

Payment frequency depends on your claim activity. Delta Dental issues payments at least once a week. For the fastest claims processing, submit free real-time claims using the Submit Claim or My Patients tools. Claims are often processed within moments.

How will I receive claim payment statements (explanation of benefits/EOBs)?

Delta Dental sends details for each payment to My Documents, which is easily accessible by logging in to your account and selecting My Claim Documents. You can view all the payment details right there in your account, or you can choose to download and save them elsewhere and/or print them.

Where can I get more information?

Visit Provider Tools for additional information, videos and live webinar schedules that can help simplify reimbursements and many other aspects of your practice.