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DeltaCare® USA increases age limit to see pediatric dentists

Good news for kids under DeltaCare® USA plans: Delta Dental has increased the age limit for pediatric dental coverage through age 13, up from age 7. That means more kids can keep seeing the dentist they are most comfortable with for a longer period of time.

Children through the age of 13 are now covered for pediatric dental visits under all DeltaCare USA plans. This change allows groups to offer more competitive benefits to their members, which can increase employee satisfaction.

Why increase the age limit?

It’s important for children to get dental care early in life, and that care must continue during the development of their baby teeth and permanent teeth. Most kids lose their last baby tooth around the age of 12, so having continuity of care throughout a child’s development can make them feel comfortable at the dentist while maintaining that important relationship with a single provider.

The basics of pediatric dental coverage

Pediatric dental insurance covers dental work on baby teeth and permanent teeth. Under most pediatric dental plans, services typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. Preventive care — Routine checkups, cleanings, dental sealants and pediatric fluoride treatments form the foundations of preventive care, promoting early detection combined with proactive measures to maintain optimal oral health.
  2. Orthodontics — For kids whose teeth require alignment, orthodontic services such as braces and clear aligners can help children greet the world with confidence.
  3. Restorative services — Cavities in children are common, and basic procedures such as fillings are used to treat them.


What the change means

This change in DeltaCare USA’s pediatric age requirement is a win for everyone. Let’s look at the advantages to you and your employees.

Benefits for employees

The age limit increase ensures a seamless and uninterrupted oral healthcare journey for children through age 13, meaning there’s much less to worry about for your employees who are parents. This includes the following:

  • If a child has not been assigned a general dentist, they can visit a DeltaCare USA pediatric dentist without a referral. (If the child already has a general dentist assigned, they will need to obtain a referral to a DeltaCare USA pediatric dentist from their assigned general dentist.)
  • Uninterrupted preventive care addresses potential dental issues early, encouraging better long-term oral health.
  • Continuous, stress-free visits to a preferred pediatric dentistry provider helps keep families healthy and happy.


Benefits for businesses

Offering competitive benefits for employees and their dependents demonstrates an organizational commitment to family values and the long-term health and well-being of your teams. The advantages of this include:

  • An increased ability to attract and retain top talent – particularly among candidates seeking a supportive and family-friendly work environment.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement, contributing to a more positive organizational culture.
  • Minimal productivity disruptions caused by employees taking time off to manage their children's dental care needs.


Provide better benefits with Delta Dental

Delta Dental is an industry leader specializing in comprehensive, innovative, and patient-centric plan administration tools. Our decision to increase the pediatric dental age limit in our DeltaCare USA plans through age 13 signifies our ongoing commitment to raising the overall industry standard of care. Partnering with us promises to enhance your ability to deliver exceptional care and support to the families in your organization.

By increasing the pediatric dental care age limit, we strive to make our plans even more appealing and easy to use for all members. Get in touch today to learn more and explore the many benefits of working with Delta Dental.