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Your team saves the most with a Delta Dental dentist

Your team members want to visit a dentist they know and trust. Most of the time, that dentist is a part of our network, one of the nation’s largest. But what if they’re not? Here’s what you and your team need to know about Delta Dental vs. non-Delta Dental dentists.

Delta Dental has you covered

With a Delta Dental PPO™ or Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ plan, members are free to visit any licensed dentist, including those outside our network.

But for the best cost savings, a Delta Dental dentist is the best choice because Delta Dental dentists agree to discounted rates for members.

Another advantage to staying in-network is that your employees only pay their portion of the bill with a Delta Dental dentist: we pay claims directly to the dentist. An out-of-network dentist can charge members upfront for the full cost of treatment, and Delta Dental then sends reimbursement to the member. What’s more: the burden of filing a claim often rests with the patient with a non-Delta Dental dentist.

No unbundling, quality assured

Delta Dental dentists agree not to charge separately for services that are part of a treatment, like tooth preparation or local anesthetic. Non-Delta Dental dentists may charge for these services separately, a billing strategy called “unbundling,” which makes overall costs higher.

All Delta Dental dentists go through a rigorous credentialing process to ensure they are properly licensed and trained and carry the required levels of liability insurance for their area of practice. We continuously evaluate and recruit dentists into our network to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our members.

When members stay in-network, we can advocate on their behalf with Delta Dental dentists, ensuring they receive the best treatment and care. 

The clear choice

Let your team know the clear advantages of staying in-network. They can easily search for a dentist near their home or work with our Find a dentist tool. They can also use the Cost Estimator tool to see their projected cost for a dentist visit or procedure. For questions about our network, they can contact us at

Check your team’s plan or speak with your account manager if you have any questions about in-network savings.