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Introducing the Healthcare Spending Card¹

Paying for health care can be challenging, which is why Delta Dental has partnered with Lane Health to offer a first-of-its-kind solution. 

About 100 million American adults are currently in dental or medical debt, and many are choosing to delay or forego much-needed care simply because they can’t afford it. Chances are a number of your employees are delaying care due to financial issues.

Meet the Healthcare Spending Card¹, a new and unique way for employees to finance out-of-pocket dental expenses over 12 months¹ with no fees, as well as more conveniently manage other health care costs. Delta Dental is currently offering this innovative solution, offered through Lane Health, to existing clients as part of the initial launch. 

How does the Healthcare Spending Card¹ work?

Delta Dental surveyed more than 13,000 people and found that over 50% of the people in the 25-54 age group were interested in receiving a "buy now, pay later" account to manage dental expenses. 

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ offers your employees that option and more. Employees have no fees for the 12-month¹ repayment period of each dental expense they finance. Even better, there are no annual fees or employee credit checks, and employees have credit limits¹ of at least $500.

Employees can also use the card¹ to finance non-dental health care expenses, such as medical, prescription drugs and vision. Associated fees apply when those expenses are financed over 12 months¹, but employees can finance them over 4 installments with no fees.

For employees who link their health spending accounts, the Healthcare Spending Card¹ automatically pulls available funds up to their credit limit to cover health care expenses with pre-tax dollars. But if an employee runs out of funds or doesn’t have any spending accounts, the card’s line of credit¹ covers health care expenses up to the employee’s credit limit¹.

Delta Dental worked with Lane Health to offer a unique set of financing features. These include:

  • No fees over the 12-month repayment period on each dental expense financed
  • 34% lower periodic finance fees than Lane Health’s standard fees for non-HSA-eligible employees’ other health care expenses 

What are the advantages of the card¹?

The Healthcare Spending Card¹ helps remove cost-related barriers to care that could result in decreased productivity and absenteeism. By having a Healthcare Spending Card¹ that has no credit checks or fees for financing dental expenses over 12 months¹, your employees can make smarter decisions about their oral care needs. It gives your employees the peace of mind that a line of credit¹ is available so they can receive care, keeping them from delaying the medical, vision, or dental care they need. 

The card¹ also helps you to compete for talent with an innovative benefit offering, and best of all, it comes at no cost or credit risk for you, with minimal ongoing work needed. There’s even an option available with no integrations or file transfers needed if providing employee files is an issue.

Lane Health does the legwork for you by providing:

  • Project management for launch and implementation: Lane Health works with you on the most efficient process to meet your needs.
  • Personalized education materials to align with your communications strategy: Lane Health and Delta Dental provide you with materials to familiarize your team with the new card¹.
  • Designated implementation, onboarding and ongoing account management: Lane Health targets about 45 days for implementation and does the lifting for you throughout the process.
  • Customer reporting to provide key insights on the program: Lane Health and Delta Dental provide you with key insights about how members are using their cards¹.
  • Issues escalation: Lane Health addresses any issues immediately.

Employees simply go online to the Lane Health portal or use the Lane Health mobile app to request and activate their card¹.

Lane Health clients have found the “white-glove” implementation very smooth, easy and beneficial. “I am blown away with Lane Health’s customer service team,” said one happy client in the digital advertising industry. “Not only are they responsive, they take the time to listen and help our employees better understand their options ... Our employees are in good hands with Lane Health, and we look forward to a long relationship.”  

Who can offer the card¹?

If your group has 100 or more enrollees, you can offer your team the Healthcare Spending Card¹. The card is available to both fully insured and self-funded groups, regardless of what product type or plan design they have from Delta Dental.  The program can be implemented any time of year, so if you’re interested, reach out to your Delta Dental representative to discuss how the Healthcare Spending Card¹ can support your team.

¹ The Healthcare Spending Card and the line of credit are issued by WebBank. Card must be activated before funds can be accessed.