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Sealants: A great value for your employees

Children’s Dental Health Month in February serves as an annual reminder of how crucial it is to start young people early on the right path for a lifetime of oral health. Your employees naturally want what’s best for their kids, so a simple benefit like sealants that help protect children’s teeth can be an important part of their insurance plans. Here’s a closer look at sealants and the types of coverage Delta Dental offers.

What are sealants?

Sealants are plastic coverings applied to the deep crevices of teeth to seal them off from decay. Think of them like raincoats for the teeth. Sealants are most often applied to permanent back teeth because they have the deepest grooves and are at the highest risk of decay.

How effective are sealants?

Sealants provide protection against tooth decay, preventing 80% of cavities for two years and continuing to protect against 50% of cavities for up to four years. Children without sealants have almost three times more first molar cavities than children with sealants.

Who needs sealants?

Children and teenagers ages six to 15 are the best candidates for sealants. Sealants can be especially beneficial for kids who have a history of cavities or are otherwise at high risk for dental problems (such as from secondhand smoke or from medications that cause dry mouth).

Why is sealant coverage an important benefit?

Sealants aren’t just effective; they’re also cost-effective. Sealants prevent tooth decay and can spare your employees’ families the hassle, discomfort and expense of cavities. And unlike treatment for cavities, sealant application is a simple, one-time, painless procedure. Access to sealants through dental coverage can provide your employees’ children with a health advantage they’ll value for a lifetime.

Delta Dental offers sealant coverage for groups and individuals

Most Delta Dental plans cover dental sealants, so your employees with covered family members can often get their kids’ protective sealants at little or no out-of-pocket cost. Sealants are a standard benefit in group Delta Dental PPO™ plans. Coverage for sealants can vary by policy. All standard DeltaCare® USA plans cover sealants.

Plans that include sealants generally limit the benefit to permanent first and second molars subject to age limitations by contract. Under some Delta Dental PPO plans, there is a maximum allowance payable per tooth, and the patient is responsible for the remainder of the allowed fee. Benefits for sealants include repair or replacement within 24 months by the same dentist or dental office.

If you haven’t already, consider offering sealants as a part of your employees’ coverage. If your plan covers sealants, educate employees about this valuable benefit. Share  this flyer about sealants by email, or post it on your company’s website or intranet.

Sealants protect children’s oral health, and that’s a benefit parents will value. With Delta Dental, your employees can find affordable, highly rated coverage for the whole family.