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Preparing for retirement

If you are a Federal annuitant, or preparing for retirement, did you know you are eligible for Delta Dental’s Federal Employee Dental Program?

When thinking about post employment medical coverage, don’t forget to consider dental coverage. The few dollars spent for oral health coverage can save thousands when additional care is needed. The Delta Dental program offers annuitants access to Federal Employees Dental Program’s group rates for dental coverage helping to manage their dental expenses.

Use your resources to enjoy retirement

No matter where your finances are upon retiring, dental coverage is a great way to reduce unanticipated expenses that arise. If the coverage you select from Delta Dental is used only to pay for cleanings, exams and x-rays, you will most likely feel your premiums covered routine care. In the event additional care is needed, you’ll really appreciate the coverage offered by Delta Dental.

Save even more with a network dentist

While your coverage allows you to see any licensed dentist, remember, seeing a network dentist will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and free you from submitting claims.