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Get a free pre-treatment estimate

Do you need dental treatment, but you’re concerned about how much it might cost? Your dentist can request a free pre-treatment estimate from Delta Dental to find out ahead of time. 

What’s a pre-treatment estimate?

Pre-treatment estimates (also known as pre-determinations or pre-authorizations) give you an approximate idea of how much a proposed dental treatment will cost overall, and how that cost will be split between you and your plan.

Why would I want a pre-treatment estimate?

Pre-treatment estimates are great if you:

  • Have a major procedure coming up 
  • Want to make sure a specific procedure is covered under your dental plan
  • Are trying not to exceed your annual maximum
  • Need to plan paying for care in advance

Okay, I’m interested. How do I get a pre-treatment estimate?

Getting a pre-treatment estimate is easy and free. There’s just four steps.

  1. Discuss your treatment with your dentist. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you understand the proposed treatment, why the treatment is being proposed and what alternative treatments might be available.
  2. Have your dentist submit a proposed treatment plan and supporting x-rays to Delta Dental. Estimates are usually returned in just a few days, but more complex treatment plans may take a little longer to review and process.
  3. Delta Dental will review these documents and your specific benefits plan. Estimates are based on the type of plan you have, your eligibility, your current plan benefits and the amount of coverage remaining in your annual maximum.
  4. Delta Dental will respond to you and your dentist with a treatment cost estimate. It’s just that simple, and you’ll be able to work with your dentist to determine if you want to proceed with the proposed treatment plan.

Pre-treatment estimates are usually requested for costly procedures like crowns, wisdom tooth extractions, bridges, dentures and oral surgery, but you can request them for any treatment. The next time you need help budgeting for dental procedures, request a free pre-treatment estimate!