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What is Dental Office Toolkit® (DOT)?

DOT is a portal where you get free, instant online claims processing and easy access to patient eligibility and benefit information 24/7. DOT already makes your life easier, and now with a new look and feel, it will revolutionize your daily office tasks. See what’s new —  watch the trailer!

Step 1: What should I expect on first log in?

 View a tutorial on how to register and/or log in.

Set up system requirements:

Know what to expect at your first log in:

If you are a current user of the Dental Office Toolkit, you will be able to use your existing username and password.

When you first log in to the new DOT, you will be asked to confirm and/or complete the following information for your account:

  • Three security questions
  • Toolkit user first name
  • Toolkit user last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Note: Please ensure businesses with multiple usernames have first names and last names that are unique to each username. For example: ABC Dental with TIN 123456789 has usernames ‘jsmith’ and ‘jsmith1’, the system will require a unique first name and last name for each username (ex: first name: John, last name: Smith and first name: John, last name: Smith1)

Step 2: Review training materials to perform your daily office tasks

Once you have successfully logged in, review the following tutorials to ensure you can perform your daily office tasks in the new DOT:

  1. Set your provider and home office
  2. Search, select, and change a member to complete the below tasks with ease:
    • Print benefits and view routine procedures
    • Search for past claims, pre-treatment estimates and more
    • Submit pre-treatment estimates and claims

Step 3: Utilize additional system enhancements to help your office run even more smooth

Enhancements to DOT will allow you to:

  • Conduct Family Claims History Search to view previously submitted pre-treatment estimates and claims from any business. Additionally, this feature will allow users to search for sealant history for members.
  • Set up Direct Deposit (Note: No action is required for current users of direct deposit)
  • Use the User Management capability to utilize varying levels of access for different toolkit users in your office.  Learn more.