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The latest on business, wellness and more 

Delta Dental’s free wellness webinars keep members smiling

Knowing the best oral health habits can help keep your team happy and healthy. Delta Dental offers free, fun and informative wellness webinars to group members. There are plenty of opportunities for your group to attend in 2024, so let your employees know that they can log in to one of our lively and informative sessions.

What will the webinars cover?

Your employees will learn:

  • The connection between oral health and overall wellness
  • What causes tooth decay and gum disease
  • Why oral health care matters
  • The science behind dentistry and oral health


The reviews are in

Check out feedback from members who have participated:

  • 99% of participants say they learned something new
  • 99% agree that attending a webinar was a valuable use of time
  • 98% plan to improve their oral health habits


When are the webinars?

There are several chances for employees to attend a webinar. Currently, wellness webinars for 2024 are scheduled on these dates:

Oral Health and Wellness: The whole tooth about a healthy smile

May 9: Noon PT/3 pm ET
July 23: 10 am PT/1 pm ET
September 12: 9 am PT/Noon ET
November 14: 9 am PT/Noon ET

Oral Health and Aging: What you need to know

April 26: 9 am PT/Noon ET
June 18: 10 am PT/1 pm ET
August 6: Noon PT/3 pm ET
October 8: 10 am PT/1 pm ET
December 10: Noon PT/3 pm ET

How can members sign up?

Contact your Delta Dental account manager for information on how your members can sign up for wellness webinars.