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DeltaCare® USA: The basics

Convenience doesn’t need to come at a high cost — that’s why Delta Dental offers DeltaCare® USA copay plans that combine easy-to-use dental benefits with affordable rates.

Benefits that stand out

For most plans, DeltaCare USA covers more than 300 procedures, including additional routine cleanings with reduced copayments, teeth bleaching, night guards and porcelain crowns. Plus, the provision for in-progress orthodontic treatment allows your newly enrolled employees to continue treatment with their current orthodontist, even if that orthodontist isn’t in the DeltaCare USA network.

  • Other standout features include:
  • Tooth-colored fillings for any tooth — anterior or posterior
  • A seamless, no-loss/no-gain transition for orthodontics in progress
  • No hidden fees or lab fees
  • Extractions for orthodontics that can save your employees hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket
  • No additional charges for high metals, noble metals, porcelain, etc.

Keep it simple for your employees

All your enrolled employees need to do is select their DeltaCare USA primary care dentist and cover their copayment when they get treatment.

To make getting care even more convenient for employees, DeltaCare USA plans also offer:

  • No deductibles or maximums. Employees can get as much care as they need without worrying about running out of coverage.
  • No claim forms for in-network care. When employees visit their chosen DeltaCare USA dentist, all the paperwork is taken care of for them. And when an employee needs to see a specialist, their primary dentist will provide a referral and help coordinate care.
  • Low or no copayments for preventive care. Cleanings, x-rays and more are affordable, so employees can catch little problems before they become big ones.
  • Out-of-area emergency provision. If dental problems come up on vacation, employees can still get care.

No-fuss plan administration

Your employees aren’t the only ones to benefit — administrating a DeltaCare USA plan is easy with convenient online resources like:

  • Online billing and reconciliation. Manage payments online, track payment history and more.
  • Eligibility management application. Make real-time changes to enrollee eligibility.
  • Benefits administrator support guide. Got questions? The support guide is a road map, survival guide and FAQ all-in-one.
  • Wellness library. Share a treasure trove of dental wellness content with employees, including a risk assessment tool, wellness videos and articles.

Get started with DeltaCare USA

For information about purchasing copay plans, contact your Delta Dental sales representative, or visit our webpage today.