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Top three vacation "packing tips" for your team

With summer vacation season gearing up, you may worry about the impact a lot of travel could have on managing your group’s dental benefits. We've got good news: With these "packing tips," you can relax knowing that Delta Dental benefits have your enrollees covered.

1. Travel to the dentist first

Dental emergencies are hard enough when your enrollees are home. Dealing with one during a vacation can be even more challenging. That’s why it’s so important to encourage your enrollees to receive dental checkups regularly.

A minor toothache now might seem like it can wait, but what if it becomes excruciating during a ride on Space Mountain? Ouch! Taking care of minor oral health issues before travel can help decrease the chance of costly problems while team members are out of town.

Packing tip:  Encourage enrollees to visit the emergency care section on our wellness website to prepare for any dental issues that may arise when they’re away from home. Share an article reminding them of the importance of regular check-ups and cleanings.

2. Map out providers

If an oral health emergency occurs, your enrollees shouldn’t wait until after vacation to seek treatment. From coast to coast, your Delta Dental PPO™ enrollees can visit any licensed dentist to receive care without preauthorization. This benefit applies to covered services; enrollees should consult their contract before receiving treatment. Enrollees’ out-of-pocket costs are likely to be lower if they receive emergency care from a dentist who is in their network.

DeltaCare® USA enrollees are also covered with an out-of-area emergency benefit. Authorization for treatment may be required. Enrollees should consult their contract for the specific out-of-area provisions for their plan before receiving treatment.

Packing tips: Enrollees can visit our website to find a network dentist by location or specialty, and even compare Yelp ratings. And for more information on handling emergencies or receiving care away from home, enrollees can check out this helpful guide.

3. Document experiences abroad

Emergency treatment coverage abroad varies by plan type. Encourage enrollees to check their plan details before vacation, and let them know they will need to file their own claim along with a detailed receipt from the treating dentist with the following information to receive reimbursement:

  • Date of service
  • Dentist name and address
  • List of procedures and affected teeth
  • Currency in which to make payment


Packing tip:  Share this flyer about dental care abroad with enrollees to give them more details on receiving dental care while outside the U.S.