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Delta Dental Insurance for group administrators

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Human Resources Benefits Administrators

Quality, cost-effective dental coverage

Choose from two available plan options

A nationwide network of contracted dentists for both plans

Confidence that your dental health is our priority

Tips for your enrolled employees and retirees

Save money with a network dentist

Informing employees about Delta Dental’s network and assisting them in finding a network dentist can help them reduce their dental expenses. Educate your employees about the difference in out-of-pocket costs when using a Delta Dental PPO™, Delta Dental Premier® or out-of-network dentist. DeltaCare® USA members must use their selected network dentist in order to receive benefits.

No ID card is necessary to receive treatment

Dental offices verify employees’ and dependents’ eligibility and benefits with the employee’s date of birth and social security number. Employees who would like an ID card can log in to their Delta Dental PPO or DeltaCare USA (DHMO) account and print one online.

Dentists file the claims

Delta Dental and DeltaCare USA dentists handle all claims and paperwork for members. However, a PPO claim form may need to be filed if a PPO member has visited a non-Delta Dental dentist for treatment or if a DeltaCare USA member has received emergency treatment.