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Verify patient eligibility and benefits information with ease

Save Time and Money, Too!

Our research shows that the average eligibility verification call is over five minutes. If you happen to call at peak call times, your wait to obtain this information can be even longer. Therefore, we have introduced new tools providing convenient ways to access this information saving you and your staff time and money.

Verify Electronically

  • The Dental Office Toolkit
    The online Dental Office Toolkit (“DOT”) is available 24/7/365 at no cost to you. Take a few minutes and check out this multi-functional, self-service tool that helps you manage your patients.
  • Your Practice Management System
    By automating subscriber/patient eligibility verification through your practice management software, Delta Dental can send you a real-time, HIPAA-compliant transaction (270/271) to immediately obtain enrollment verification and benefits information. Check with your practice management vendor today to see if your system has this capability.

With the introduction of these new tools, as of January 5, 2015, our Customer Service representatives will no longer have the capability to assist with eligibility verification and benefit inquiries. Therefore, please be sure you and your staff are familiar with these self-service tools. Thank you!

Phone Number

We’ve established a single, dedicated toll-free number exclusively for dental offices. Whenever you need to call Federal Government Programs, simply dial:


Use our redesigned interactive voice response (IVR) system to hear automated verification of eligibility and benefits. With the IVR, you can also select the option to have a copy faxed to your office to place in the patient’s chart for future reference.